If you need further assistance call Gunny Outfitters (225) 673-8868

 1. Prerequisites - be 21 years old at time of class
 2. Pistol – Primary Concealed Carry Pistol (Revolver or Semi-Auto) .38 caliber or greater
 3. Ammunition – No Magnum rounds – 50 rounds (100 rounds recommended)
 4. Magazines – Two for semi-autos
 5. Eye protection – Eye glasses permitted
 6. Hearing protection

 The class will be held in the training room at Gunny Outfitters LLC, 16171 State Bank Dr. Ste. 200 Prairieville, La. 70769 (225)673-8868. I would urge you to show up a few minutes early to get some business and housekeeping items out of the way. I'll be there a few minutes after 7:15am to set up and make coffee, so if you arrive about 7:45am it would be great. We'll have coffee and snacks. What do you need to bring to the classroom?

 • Payment (Cash, Check, Credit Card, Partners1, or Jtex)
 • I'll bring pens, paper, and books, so bring anything else that you might want
. • DO NOT bring ammunition into the classroom. You can bring your handgun in if you like, but you don't need it. What do you need to bring to the range?
 • Your handgun. If you don't have a handgun, I can provide you with one. You pay for the ammunition.
 • A gun case or gun bag. Please don't carry your gun into the range without a case or bag.
 • No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom, but bring at least 50 rounds of ammunition to the range. If you can bring more than 50 rounds of ammunition, please do so. We enjoy trying each other's guns.
 • An I.D. such as a driver's license. It is necessary to shoot at the range. • Safety glasses and hearing protection, or I can provide some if you don't have any.
 • Factory ammunition ONLY. No reloaded ammunition is permitted
. • No MAGNUM rounds Notes

 1. You are not required to get a permit after completion of this class, but I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t want a permit, this is at the very least a good handgun course.
2. Applications for Concealed Handgun Permits are submitted to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
  3. You must be at least 21 years of age to qualify for a permit. Participants under age 20 will receive a NRA Basic Pistol certificate only.
4. You have one year to submit your permit application after training.
 5. Other conditions may apply, including a criminal background check.
 6. Problem scheduling? Whatever sections you can't make today you makeup at a later class.
 7. Private range training/coaching can be provided for a fee.


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